Self-Storage Facility Insurance

Self-Service Storage Facility Program

Customers trust your self-storage facility for their extra belongings. You can trust Blue River Insurance Group to provide a policy with the coverages your facility needs.

Coverages Available

Some of the coverages we can offer for your facility are:

• Customers’ Property Legal Liability Provides coverage for the property of customers, or property for which the customer is liable, while at the storage facility.

Lock-out* or Sale, Removal and Disposal Liability When damages arise from a lock-out or the sale, removal or disposal of customers’ property.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage Protection for the most important equipment at a storage facility, such as heating and cooling systems and surveillance equipment.

Business Income and Extra Expense Pays for loss of income if you are unable to rent units at the time of a loss.

Property Coverage Protection for your storage buildings, signs, gates and fences.


* Lock-out is denying a customer access to their property or the occupancy of the space they are renting, leasing or otherwise occupying.

Claims Examples

  • Property damage claim: If there is damage to the self-storage facility's buildings, units, fences, or other structures due to fire, vandalism, natural disasters, or accidents, a property damage claim can be made to cover the cost of repairs or replacement.
  • Theft or burglary claim: If there is a break-in or theft of stored items from the facility, a claim can be filed to cover the value of the stolen or damaged property.
  • Liability claim: This can occur if a customer or visitor is injured while on the premises of the self-storage facility, such as slipping and falling or being injured by falling objects. The claim may cover medical expenses, legal fees, or settlements if the facility is found liable for the injury.
  • Customer property damage claim: If stored items are damaged due to factors like water leaks, pests, or temperature fluctuations, customers may file a claim against the self-storage facility for the loss or damage to their belongings.
  • Business interruption claim: If the self-storage facility is unable to operate due to a covered event, such as a fire or natural disaster, resulting in a loss of income, a claim can be made to compensate for the financial loss during the interruption period.
  • Employee injury claim: If an employee at the self-storage facility is injured or becomes ill while performing work-related duties, they may file a workers' compensation claim to cover medical expenses, lost wages, or disability benefits.
  • Cyber liability claim: If the self-storage facility experiences a data breach or cyber attack resulting in the compromise of customer information, a claim can be made to cover the costs associated with managing the breach, notifying affected parties, and potential legal actions.

These examples highlight some of the common insurance claims that a self-storage facility may encounter. The specific types and extent of coverage may vary based on the insurance policy and the needs of the facility. It is crucial for self-storage facilities to consult with an insurance professional to ensure they have appropriate coverage for potential risks and liabilities.

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