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Golf Course Program

We understand the unique risks you face and can tailor a policy to fit your needs. From public courses to country clubs, let Blue River Insurance Group make sure you have the best coverage.

Golf Course Property Plus Coverage Package

This package provides 26 essential coverages to meet the needs of golf course owners like you. With three different tiers, this package can be tailored to any size golf course and provides much needed coverage, including:

Errant Ball Damage

This coverage pays for damage to the property of others on the premises caused by a golf ball driven by a course player. There is no deductible for this coverage.

Greens, Tee Boxes, Sand Traps and Fairways Coverage

This provides coverage for greens, tee boxes, sand traps and fairways when the damage is caused by a covered loss. Vandalism, theft and malicious mischief are all named perils on this coverage, so if a course had this coverage and vandals caused damage to the greens and fairways, coverage would be afforded.

Outdoor Property

This endorsement includes types of property you would typically find on a golf course, for example: fences, bridges, awnings, flag poles, ball washers, hole markers, tee markers and much more.

Hole-In-One Coverage

Hole-in-one contests may be promoted at outings and other functions held on the golf course. This coverage will indemnify the golf course in the event that a golfer wins this contest. Certain conditions apply.

Claims Examples

• A couple was driving a golf cart on the course when the driver lost control and overturned the golf cart. The passenger was trapped under the cart, which led to serious injuries. The resulting medical costs and damages totaled $225,302.

• While the golf course was closed, someone broke into the clubhouse, damaging the building. They also stole golf clubs, shirts and equipment from the clubhouse. The total loss for the golf course was $13,980.

• A fire started in one of the maintenance buildings that stored lawn mowers, machinery and other grounds keeping tools and equipment. This fire resulted in damages to the building of $87,328 as well as $4,680 to the equipment in the building.

• Vandals drove their truck onto the golf course and over two greens. The cost to repair the two greens was $9,300.

• While mowing a green, the mower burned the grass. The green needed to be completely replaced, resulting in $11,000 in damages.

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