Condominimum & Homeowners Association Insurance

Condominium or Homeowners Association Program

We realize that your condominium or homeowners association has unique insurance needs. More importantly, you need an insurance company that offers the right coverages, and Blue River Insurance Group can help you determine the coverages that are right for you.

Commercial General Liability

Coverage associations need to protect themselves financially against liability claims and lawsuits. It provides protections for bodily injury and property damage arising out of general business operations, as well as advertising and personal injury. There are additional liability coverages for:

• Lakes, reservoirs or ponds

• Playground equipment

• Additional insured endorsement for members

• Medical payments

• Parking lots

• Streets and roads operated by the association

Association Directors and Officers E&O Liability

An optional liability endorsement available for homeowners associations that provides professional coverage for the directors and officers. It protects the association from damages resulting from alleged or wrongful acts that may have been committed in their positions. These could include negligent acts, errors, omission or breaches of duty.

Commercial Property

Covers buildings, business personal property and equipment that your association owns. Covered property includes:

• Buildings

• Sheds

• Signs

• Fences

• Docks

• Playground Equipment

• Light posts

Loss Settlement Options

With a variety of loss settlement options available, you’re able to choose what is best for you:

Replacement Cost Coverage: Pays the actual cost to

repair or replace damaged property without a deduction

for depreciations.

• Increased Building Limit: This provides up to a 25%

fluctuation of your building coverage if the actual cost of

reconstruction is greater than the policy limit.

Guaranteed Building Replacement Cost: Guarantees to pay

the full replacement of your building, even if that cost may

be higher than the limit shown on the policy.

How to get started on your quote

Blue River Insurance Group will help you find the best coverage possible for your business!

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